Innovative Natural Gas Recompression Services

To help our customers achieve both emissions reduction targets and operational objectives

Point Compression Solutions | Natural Gas Recompression Services
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Point Compression Solutions (PCS) helps pipeline operators address many of the emissions-related pressures, targets and mandates that have created yet another aspect of project planning. Our team is made up of individuals having extensive experience working with and for gas transmission and midstream companies.

We speak the language. We know the challenges. We're here to help.

PCS operates specialized equipment designed to evacuate your pipeline segments or facility piping down to 0 PSIG in advance of maintenance events. Our equipment can also be utilized as booster compression during pigging activities or in support of ongoing operations when challenges arise.

Point Compression Solutions | Natural Gas Recompression Services

PCS does not bring a one-size-fits-all approach to your situation – instead we review the asset, the operating parameters and objectives, and suggest a unit or combination of units that best align with your needs. We always strive to minimize service downtime, and our employees are known to go above and beyond while on site to assist your teams wherever and however possible.

Our mobile compression units range in size from 175 HP up to 750 HP and incorporate different styles of compression.

Since we are local to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, PCS can mobilize on short notice without third party trucking to your pipeline facility in the Mid-Atlantic or Marcellus-Utica region, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Pipeline Recompression

When a section of pipeline needs to be taken out of service for planned maintenance or repairs, we employ one or more mobile recompression units to greatly reduce or eliminate the venting of natural gas to atmosphere.

Our mobile compression units are placed at one end of the segment being evacuated and connected by temporary piping to either side of the valve blocking in the segment being evacuated. The recompression units pull gas from the section being evacuated and force (recompress) the gas into a section of pipeline remaining in service.

Our units are equipped with modern controls and safety features. Our units individually can move up to 33 MMSCFD, are rated up to 1440 PSIG, and can be connected together to further increase evacuation rate and achieve zero PSIG in your pipeline.