Natural Gas Recompression Services in New Jersey

To help our NJ customers achieve emissions reduction targets and operational objectives

Point Compression Solutions | Natural Gas Recompression Services in New Jersey (NJ)
Welcome to Point Compression Solutions

Point Compression Solutions (PCS) assists pipeline operators in New Jersey in navigating the complexities of emissions-related pressures, goals, and regulations that add another layer to project planning. Our team consists of professionals with substantial experience in working with gas transmission and midstream companies in the New Jersey region.

PCS operates specialized equipment designed to evacuate your New Jersey pipeline segments or facility piping down to 0 PSIG in advance of maintenance events. Our equipment can also be utilized as booster compression during pigging activities in New Jersey or in support of ongoing operations when challenges arise.

Point Compression Solutions | Natural Gas Recompression Services in New Jersey (NJ)

PCS tailors our services to each unique scenario, thoroughly assessing the asset, its operational conditions, and goals. We then recommend the most suitable equipment or a blend of solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our focus is on reducing service interruptions for our New Jersey clients, and our staff is recognized for their exceptional commitment and support, providing extensive assistance to your teams in any way necessary.

Our mobile compression units range in size from 175 HP up to 750 HP and incorporate different styles of compression.

Since we are located in New Jersey, PCS can mobilize on short notice without third party trucking to your pipeline facility in the New Jersey area.

Pipeline Recompression in New Jersey

When a pipeline segment at your New Jersey site requires temporary shutdown for scheduled maintenance or repairs, we utilize one or more portable recompression units. This significantly minimizes or completely avoids the release of natural gas into the atmosphere.

Our mobile compression units are positioned at one end of the section undergoing evacuation and linked through temporary piping to both sides of the valve isolating the segment. The recompression units extract gas from the area being evacuated and recompress the gas, transferring it into a pipeline segment that is still operational.

Our units are equipped with modern controls and safety features, and individually can move up to 33 MMSCFD, are rated up to 1440 PSIG, and can be connected together to further increase evacuation rate and achieve zero PSIG in your New Jersey pipeline.