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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Natural Gas Recompression Services

What is Point Compression Solutions Operating Footprint?

PCS is local to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. We can mobilize on short notice without third party trucking to your pipeline facility in the Mid-Atlantic or Marcellus-Utica region. Projects outside of this primary area are also valued; please give us a call to discuss.

Is Pipeline Recompression Economical?

Recompression is becoming the standard over atmospheric venting or flaring. The process of recovering gas is both economical and environmentally responsible.

How Long Does a Typical Recompression Job Last?

There is no "typical" job. Small jobs such as evacuating a pig trap may last 15 minutes, while jobs on long segments of transmission pipelines can last several days. Every job is unique based on pipe diameter, length, starting pressure, and discharge requirements. Contact us if you have a project in mind and we'd be happy to provide a proposal with estimated timing.

How Do You Power Your Compressor Skids?

Our skids are powered by varying internal combustion engines which utilize a small amount of natural gas from the customer's asset to operate.